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To our future peers who are willing to pioneer the future by themselves and are keen on better social reforms
~Without personal improvement, there will be no social reform~

We, Human Life CORD, are on a tough and steep path to a place that no one has reached before.
Still, we work with excitement every day.
Why? It is because all our employees envision an exciting vision of "Aiming for a world where growing older is enjoyable. In this vision, we will spin the lives of patients with the umbilical for that is the bonds of life, and connect to medical care that is friendly to people and the environment and a spiritually rich society that supports life."
This is the mission that we believe we can realize and each and every employee's desire to fulfill this mission springs up from the bottom of their hearts.
We look forward to meeting our comrades who believe in their own thoughts (the cries from the spirit that emerges from within) for the people for the world, and for the future, who see the growth of Human Life CORD as leading to their self-realization and can take a lead in pioneering such a future by themselves with enthusiastic aspirations for better social reforms. Let's change our society together with us for the waiting patients and their families!

If you are interested in, please contact us
through the following application form.

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