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Corporate PhilosophyMission Vision

Cords of life,
leading the future

Healthcare is very important in supporting our enriched lives.
The quality of medicine is increasingly being called into question, now that we are facing an aging society.
Supporting each other's lives through the blessings of each person's life.
Aiming for such gentle medical care and enriched society, we will pursue social contribution that is unique to us because we are committed to the Corporate philosophy “Cords of life, leading the future”

HLC Mission and Vision


“Cords of life”

Cords of life from umbilical cord to transform patients’ lives.


“Leading the future”

Aiming for a world where growing older is more enjoyable

HLC value

What we care about


Make patients smile with one heart

Working together with a diverse range of stakeholders to create a smile for patients


Identify issues and take the initiative in acting

Proactively propose our shortfalls, discuss and act with the parties concerned​


Be a proud professional

We will take pride in our own work, continue self-improvement, and demonstrate our accumulated expertise.​

Challenging spirit

Enjoy change and keep on challenging

We will work positively without fear of failure to solve problems for which a correct answer cannot be seen.


Let's be honorable

We will act with integrity and will not let down the patients who are waiting​


Maintain the spirit of gratitude

We value gratitude and courtesy when we interact with people around us.

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